Community Builders

Community Builders is a group of like-minded individuals who are purposefully using their work and talents to make a positive impact in our Community. They believe in a better city for all and work tirelessly, in creative ways, to find solutions to issues that are hurting our Community such as homelessness and the lack of affordable housing.

What is Social Enterprise?

Social enterprise can be complex to define. There are many debates on the definition which directly reflects the diversity of stakeholders participating in shaping the emerging sector. Perspectives may stretch widely, however social enterprises at work creating positive impact in our communities provide us with further depth of understanding.

Operation Grow

Operation Grow is a community hub combining a vertical farm, a commercial kitchen, a yoga and meditation hall, meeting rooms, and shower and laundry facilities. All aspects of this social enterprise have been informed by the women they serve and designed to support women to increase resiliency and employability, and build relationships.

The Common Roof

The Common Roof is a community-based social enterprise providing sustainable and professional work space for human-service non-profit agencies. Their mission is to build a healthy, growing community for children, youth and families for today and tomorrow. 

Launch Pad

Launch Pad Youth Activity & Technology’s mission is to provide youth 12-18 years of age in Grey & Bruce counties, with important life/career skills complementing both formal academic institutions and their learning sources. By offering a wide range of youth focused training programs, Launch Pad enhances their knowledge and learning in a fun, safe and informative environment.

The Fourth Pig

The Fourth Pig is a non-profit worker co-operative that is owned and operated by its members. Their mission is to foster ecologically balanced methods of construction and energy production in order to promote more sustainable and healthy communities.

The Harmony Centre

The Harmony Centre has become a thriving community hub in Owen Sound, Ontario. With a mission of preserving welcoming, accessible spaces for community to share, create, and perform.

SENCO Audio Documentary

Explore the real people and real places that are defining social enterprise as part of their daily lives and working to solve complex problems. SENCO is connecting and catalyzing social enterprise in Central Ontario through the voices of those closest to the work. The SENCO audio doc asks, What is social enterprise? Who are social entrepreneurs? How can anyone get involved? The SENCO audio doc finds answers to these questions – follow along as we explore everything about social enterprise.

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Audio Doc Part One

In part one, host Jenna Stevenato explores what social enterprise is (and is not), and how local and national entrepreneurs are transforming the way we do business. We hear the inspiring stories of trailblazers in the sector who are paving the way for social, environmental and cultural change. Join us in the conversation!

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Audio Doc Part Two

In part two, we chat with individuals and organizations who are using the social enterprise model to meet 2 basic human needs: food & water, and shelter. We also discuss the need for specific metrics to truly understand the impact they’re making. Serial entrepreneur Shaun Loney discusses the government’s role in social procurement and how social and environmental value can be embedded in their supply chains.


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