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Social Enterprise 101 runs every month and can be attended in person or online through a webinar stream. Throughout this session social enterprise is defined, business models are reviewed and a series of existing social enterprises explored.

Participate in the new senco Series to take your first steps in building out a business based on impact, to prototype a new product or service, or to build the framework for a social enterprise using core concepts from the Flourishing Business Model Canvas. Each of the three Series has a different focus and each Series also has three session, or as we are calling them Colabs. Series 1 will tackle Ideation and Feasibility, Series 2 will dive into the Flourishing Business Model Canvas, and Series 3 is focused on Pitching, Scaling and Impact Measurement. Register here today!


Georgian’s Social Enterprise Mentor works with clients each week. If you are looking for expert advice and guidance complete the online form below. We will then follow-up with you to gather information on your stage of business, a summary of your initiative, and the area(s) you are seeking support.


senco has partnered with Innoweave to bring their coaching modules to our region. If your organization is interested in participating in one of their transformational modules let us know.


senco’s TRACTION GRANT offer $500 – $5,000 to individuals and organizations looking to explore a social enterprise idea or initiative. Funds can be used for feasibility, testing, piloting or prototyping of a new social enterprise idea, product or service. senco’s TRACTION GRANT provides early stage funding so that social entrepreneurs can gain momentum or traction through creative economic experimentation in the growing sector of social enterprise.

senco’s TRACTION GRANT will be open for submission throughout 2019 and reviewed by one of seven localized Social Enterprise Sector Development Groups (SESDGs) supporting social enterprise development across Central Ontario. Key dates and additional information can be found on the senco TRACTION GRANT form.

Social Enterprise Impact Measurement Community of Practice (SEIM-COP)

Understanding the impact of your social enterprise and establishing your metrics can be a daunting task. senco has created the SEIM-COP to provide a collaborative space to work through this task together. Session will be held quarterly allowing for in-person and online participation, let us know if you are interested to join.

*Program launch Fall of 2018

senco can support your organization to launch or grow a social enterprise. If you would like to find out more information, all you need to do is complete the online form below – we’d love to hear from you!!

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